5 Tips to Make Your Business Stand Out

When you have the opportunity to meet a prospective client…will your business stand out from your competition?

Here are 5 tips to help you make your business stand out…

All of your marketing pieces should work together to build your company image.
  1. 1. Send a consistent message – Make sure everything you print or imprint works together to build you image
  2. • Professionally designed marketing materials
  3. • Be consistent in your design and use of your company colors
  4. • Quality printing & paper selection
  1. 2. Be visible with promotional items
    1. • Keep in front of your clients with promotional items (remember to keep consistent with your company colors)
      • Shirts – helps you look professional and makes you a walking billboard
      • Vehicle lettering or magnetic signs – great exposure!
  2. 3. Have a strong online presence
    • Professional Up-to-Date Website
    • Blog
    • Have a strong social media presence
    • Send email blasts to keep in touch
  • 4. Create a powerful offer – something to make people take notice
    1. • Make sure you have an expiration date to create a sense of urgency
    2. • Use a Promocode so you can track what is working
  1. The last tip is a simple step that sometimes gets overlooked.
  2. 5. Focus on customer service
    • • Listen to your customer’s needs
    • • Pay attention to detail
    • • Be a resource – if you can’t help them, lead them to someone who can
    • • Be quick to respond
    • • Provide Extraordinary Service

If you need help, call Handouts…..we do that!