Let’s Start With the Basics!

Take out your business card. Look at it…

Really look at it, objectively, as someone who doesn’t know anything about you or your company, as if you have never seen it before. Feel it, really study it.

Look at the quality of the paper. Does it clearly state the name of your company, who you are and what you do? Look at the design, is it professional?

Does it clearly state the name of your company, who you are and what you do,
is printed on quality paper, is the design professional, clean and easy to read?

As your first impression, is this a company you would entrust with your business?

If yes, congratulations, you are off to a great start in marketing your company!
If not, you need to make a change – RIGHT NOW!

Business cards are the most inexpensive yet important investment you can make in your business. Business cards cost pennies and many times are the first impression someone has about your company…make it the right one!

Tip #1 Make sure all of the information correct. Please, never ever hand write changes on your business cards, it tells people that you are not willing to invest even a small amount in your company. Don’t let a company give you free cards so they can put their advertisement on your cards. When the back of the cards say “ this card printed free courtesy of___” it show that you don’t have enough confidence in your business to invest in business cards…so why should the person you just handed the card have confidence in you?

Tip #2 Design
Carry the design of your business cards throughout all of your print and promotional items to build your corporate image.

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